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Mt Moon Jesse&James way too strong

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Mt Moon Jesse&James way too strong

Mensagem por Togetic em Ter Maio 10, 2016 4:24 am

This fan game has been very fun so far, but i'm unable to get through Mt Moon due to how strong Jessie and James pokemon are (All lv31) they're around twenty levels higher than all the wild pokemon and nearly the same above all the other trainer fights in the cave, and they're near impossible to get through with the team of pokemon i currently have that are almost all below 20

This feels like a bug, because they say "go koffing" and "go ekans" but send out arbok and weezing that are strong enough it seems like an issue rather than an intended feature


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Re: Mt Moon Jesse&James way too strong

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Ter Maio 10, 2016 10:28 am

I know what's causing that problem, and i posted here somewhere why this happen.

Jessie and james trainers where misplaced by the jessie and james from ilex forest events, that's why you see them with that higher lv.

I already fixed that for the new version, sorry for that. Try to defeat them when you've got stronger or try to capture a geodude or using a fossil, it's super effective, otherwise send me your save game then i complete that event for you.

This kind of problems can't be fixed through save games, because it's part of system files, and to update them, you need a new version.

The next version will take me some time to release it, i'm very busy with real life so i have few time to work in the project for some time, but when i've got time i'll speed up the project.
Ricardo PT

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