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Pokémon Chronicles Version 16.3 Coming in July update

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Pokémon Chronicles Version 16.3 Coming in July update

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Qua Jul 13, 2016 3:46 pm

Hello, players of Pokémon Chronicles.

The new update will be released in July, before I go to Vacations in August.

Anyway, I expected to release all the johto region until the end of this year.

Another thing, Pokémon Chronicles in v16.3 brought many stuff things and probrably in the future, this game maybe, i said maybe will consume at least 3G or a little bit more of hard drive free space.

Atention, v16.3 requires at least 2G of hard drive (1,92G)

Notes: After johto releases, we where thinking to work in some battle animations before hoenn releases. Hoenn region will come in 2017.

Off the record:

For those that asked me if this game will have more regions than hoenn, it's a no, because rpg maker xp is at maximum power, so i can't add more regions after hoenn region.

Another thing, this game has a little lag, due weak rpg maker xp engine to support larger maps and maps with many npc events. This can be corrected with some expert programing or better PC's with much more power than the minimum system requirements.

If my project uses the rpg maker MV, this engine is much more powerfull than Maker XP and I can create all Pokémon regions in it with DS graphics. But i will not make that because I can't transfer the project for that new editor due the diferent programing language, maker xp uses Ruby and MV java. And with Maker MV, game projects can run in this platforms: PC, MAC and Android. XP only has PC.

Thank you for playing Pokémon Chronicles, I will continue with this project to the end, but if someone wants to help, we need some programers and graphic designers only to finish some stuff.

Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

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