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Information about this game

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Information about this game

Mensagem por DragonLance798 em Sab Jan 07, 2017 8:20 am

1.) Is this game still active?
2.) When will be the next update?
3.) Will you add Sinnoh Region (yes pls)?
4.) Will you add 7tn gen Pokémon?
Obrigado for your game man, it's amazing and really well done.


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Re: Information about this game

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Sab Jan 07, 2017 12:18 pm

First of all, the game is still under development. The next update will come this month or february i don't know yet. I'm the only guy working on this project so it will take me time. In december 2016 i've got sick, so the update come this later. Sorry for that guys, but it's not my mistake, i have real life too ok.

1- The game is still active and the next update will be an huge update to compensate players.
2- I will try to lunch the next update this month around day: 20 or more.
3- The editor is at full capacity and unfortunately i can't release more regions. The last region of the game will be hoenn and it will be released around spring this year.
4- Yes, i will add 7th gen of pokemon. I'm just waiting for more graphics for pokemon followers. I have all graphics for party, front, backs, forms, but overworld graphics i need many before i can release them.

Please understand that this project will take me time for each update, because i'm the creator and the only guy working on it from scratch. So, if you want a better game / quality you must wait. And players can see the publicity about this game on the top of this forum. This way you can see that the game is still under development.

Anyway, i'm doing youtube videos about the game, like walkthrough.
And i'm still giving support to fix game errors and save games. And for the record the project will continue to its complection. Battle animations will be the last things that i will complete in this game, before full release mode.

I have great plans for it. Johto take me more trouble to work than hoenn.

Again, please understand that i'm not a slave, i have real life and stuff to do, so sometimes i take more time to lunch updates. It's not simple programing all this stuff alone without any help. If i've got a good experienced team, things can be really easy.
Ricardo PT

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