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Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 16.7

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Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 16.7

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Qua Jan 25, 2017 11:55 am

Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 16.7

Game Features:

721 Pokémons to catch;
6 times of the day: morning, afternoon, night, etc;
4 types of weather conditions: Rain, Heavy Rain, Sandstorm, Snowstorm, Heat wave;
350 attacks;
4 regions: Kanto, Orange, Johto and Hoenn;
28 Badges;
7 Battle frontier symbols;
Pokémon Contests;
More than 800 unique items;
More than 7 mini games: Slot Machines, Voltorb Flip, Mining for Treasures, Puzzles, triple Triad, Dodrio Berry Picking, Type Quiz, etc;
Characters of the series of Pokémon;
Music from Pokémon series;
Double trainer battles;
Pokémon can be caught at different times of the day;
Phone Calls System;
Radio System, using in game musics;
Day-care System;
Lottery System;
Kurt Pokéballs;
Players can plant Berries and Apricorns;
Bug Catching Contest;
Safari Zones;
Trade Pokémon with other NPC in game;
Mega Pokémon System;
Primal Pokémon System;
Controls System Added: Players now can choose the game controls;
And other things...

What's new in this version of Pokémon Chronicles v16.7:

1- Welcome to Johto Region Part 5:

Now players can go to Route 38, Route 39, Olivine City, Route 40, Route 41, Whirl Islands, Cianwood City, Cliff Cave, Route 45, Route 46, Route 47, Route 48, Safari Zone Entrance and all the 12 Safari Zone Maps.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only the part 5, johto will be available until Safari Zone.

2- New Safari Zone:

Now Johto has its own Safari Zone. Regulations are exactly the same from Kanto's Safari Zone. Note that this Safari Zone has 2 entrances with 6 maps in each entrance.

3- Johto Mega Stones Quest:

This is an event from Heart Gold and i madded it a little bit different from the original. The only thing that players gain is a random mega stone for Johto Pokémon.

4- Olivine Battle Tower:

Now players can participate in Olivine Battle Tower. It has 2 options: Lv. 50 or open lv. If players beats all the trainers there, they will gain a Big Nugget. And the trainers there are all from Pokémon Series, total 32 unique trainers from Kanto to Hoenn. Exotic Pokémon can appear in this battle tower for ex: Pokémon From Sinnoh and so on, even Mega Pokémon can enter. So be prepared.

5- The Legend Of Thunder Event:

This event takes place in Route 47 and 48 only. The main objective is to defeat Attila and Hun in a battle, but becareful they are strong. After completing this event Jimmy will return to his house in New Bark Town and there players can invite him to party with them.

6- New Partner Trainer:

Added a new Pokémon Trainer partner, Jimmy. This partner will be available after completing the event: The legend of Thunder. Players can find him in New Bark Town in Jimmy's House upstairs. He will have 2 Pokémon at lv.40.

0- Other Things:

Fixed - All the rest of Pokémon Forms.
Fixed - TV Broadcast channels menu.
Fixed - Trainer Partner registration.
Fixed - Search for Fairy Type Pokémon in Pokédex system.
Fixed - Pokémon Forms Graphics.
Fixed - Jimmy House stairs events.
Fixed - Whirlpool events and badges requirements.
Fixed - When flying to Cianwood City.
Added - New important npc graphics.
Added - New sounds and music.
Updated - Pokédex Word File.
Updated - Kanto Walkthrough Word File.
Game speed was improved.
And other improved things / repair bugs and errors.



If the game crashes on your PC, we can repair it by sending us your saved game.

Report bugs or errors here:

Olivine Battle Tower has lots of bugs and errors and that system has failed in the tests. So, this system will be delayed in further updates and it will remain lock for players for now, until repair is finished.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The players can continue with their save games.

Note: Remember, this project are still under development.


Technical Support/Game's Email: pokemonchronicles@iol.pt

Download Pokémon Chronicles through parts:

A new version has been released - version 16.9.
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

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