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Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Seg Nov 26, 2018 11:50 am

Hello, players.

I'm here to tell you that if you want to donate something to me, i'm accepting this:

You can donate:

hard drives,
CPU (central processing unit),
GPU (graphics processing unit),
web cam,
etc, all kinds and electrical things for PC.

You also can donate this:

Smart phones,
PC games, not hacked ones.
and minor electronical stuff.

You can give money too, but i only accept Euros and small amounts only.

Important note: I accept used stuff that is functional and money through normal mail only.

I'm a poor guy with a poor PC and i'm from Portugal. I only tell you my adress through game's email.
And I have not received any presents since i was 15 years old and now i'm with 30 years old.

With this stuff, i can make better fan games and better support on my youtube channel, wich i've stoped posting videos because of my lack of equipment.

If you want to donate something that is not on this list, send me an email of what you want to give/offer.

Keep the good stuff for you guys, i'm glad if i receive used functional stuff. It's almost christmas time, not for me, i never receive christmas presents. T-T

Have a nice day and a nice christmas.

Game's Email: pokemonchroniclesrpg@gmail.com
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

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