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Pokémon Chronicles Version 18.2 Dex Error

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Pokémon Chronicles Version 18.2 Dex Error

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Seg Fev 11, 2019 12:22 pm

Hello, players!

I'm here to explain the dex error coming from my update v18.2.

Due to the addition of meltan and melmetal, dex nº808 and 809, the players that already has a save game from v18 updates, will have an error when opening the pokedex. Because, your save games don't upload and save this kind of system information. But the ones that starts a new game will not have this error.

I added a fix to the v18.2 thread, but i don't think that files can fix the problem, so i have an alternative, which is better for you, and you can avoid starting a new game again.

To "fix" this issue, you must send me your save game, so i can unlock the pokedex info about those new pokemon. Logically that the pokedex will count that you already have them, so i will provide a meltan lv5 with its evo item. To compensate you for the trouble.

Note that in further updates this pokemon can be captured by using pokeradar in the wild and if you don't have this fix, maybe the game will crash for sure, i don't know well because it don't have an encounter placed yet.

So, for you is simple, don't use the fix that i posted in the update threat, then send me your save games that have the dex issue, and you can continue playing and updating normaly without any problem.

Those files that i said that will fix the problem, they don't have this newly added pokemon, so for you its better this way that i said. You'll get the game correctly updated and for the next updates too.

Sorry for the trouble, currently i'm the only one working on the project with only 1 scripter that are giving me little support. My game spriters abandoned the work without telling me. So, its lots and lots of thinking and work for one person alone, in this case me. Try to understand that sometimes this kind of game issues can appear until its completion.

Have a nice day all of you.
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

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