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Coronavirus Empty Coronavirus

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Dom Mar 15, 2020 4:18 pm

Hello, Players.

I'm here just to say that the project will continue with its developpment normally. The coronavirus epidemic will not affect my work. I'm working at home around 4 to 6 hours a day on the project.

The Orange archipelago maps consumes many hours per day because they are many and i want to release this entire region at once, due to story events and etc. But only 15 outside maps let to do, after that i must fill the maps with events and such, but that will be much faster to do.

Movie 2 events will be fully remastered with proper maps and events. The current events are causing confusion to many players. Also movie 1 events in cinnabar will be relocated to a proper map.

And i will add more stuff that completes the leftovers that i missed or forgeted to add to the project: like for ex: more info for rules book = hints about some mechanics of the game, its like a tutorial in a book. And some unique scripts that i will add later.

In the meanwile, i'm waiting for the rest of the back sprites for gen 8 Pokemon, which i pretend to add them in v19 as well. Until then i will finish the maps first and then the rest before implementing the gen 8 pokemon, abilities, items and other things related to them.

Hoenn last update was delayed for after this one. I need to think more about the battle frontier mechanics and stuff.

Have a nice day and stay safe from the lethal virus.
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

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