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Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 13.2

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Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 13.2 Empty Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 13.2

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Sex Ago 22, 2014 8:23 pm

Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 13.2

Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 13.2 Dvd_co10

Game Features:

721 Pokémons to catch;
6 times of the day: morning, afternoon, night, etc;
4 types of weather conditions: Rain, Heavy Rain, Sandstorm, Snowstorm, Heat wave;
350 attacks;
4 regions: Kanto, Orange, Johto and Hoenn;
28 Badges;
7 Battle frontier symbols;
Pokémon Contests;
More than 800 unique items;
More than 7 mini games: Slot Machines, Voltorb Flip, Mining for Treasures, Puzzles, triple Triad, Dodrio Berry Picking, Type Quiz, etc;
Characters of the series of Pokémon;
Music from Pokémon series;
Double trainer battles;
Pokémon can be caught at different times of the day;
Phone Calls System;
Radio System, using in game musics;
Day-care System;
Lottery System;
Kurt Pokéballs;
Players can plant Berries and Apricorns;
Bug Catching Contest;
Safari Zones;
Trade Pokémon with other NPC in game;
Mega Pokémon System;
Primal Pokémon System;
Controls System Added: Players now can choose the game controls;
And other things...

What's new in this version of Pokémon Chronicles v13.2:
Added Orange Region;
Unown Text;
Braille Text;
Roulette for Hoenn Game Corner;
Changed some evolutions methods like: Scyther, Onix, Poliwhirl to Politoed, Slowking, Clamperl evolutions;
Fixed and added new evolution methods like: Sylveon, Tyrunt, Amaura, Pancham, Goomy;
Unlocked Mega System in this version - now players can mega evolve;
Added new Mega Pokémon;
Added Tyrunt and Amaura Fossils can be resurrected in Cinnabar Island / Pokémon Lab;
Hall of Fame system added - players can register Pokémon in Hall of Fame and can view it via a PC in PokéCenters;
Ribbons added - in this version is Pokémon league ribbom;
PokéGear Jukebox now have the same musics of Pokémon official games;
NPC now can detect some required items for quests in the bag;
HM Waterfall unlocked outside of battle;
Some new graphics and musics added to the game;
Fixed Route 7 errors;
Fixing Bugs and Errors...

Note: Pokémon Essentials v13 has some errors and when the game was encrypted, it make some Bugs and Errors, that's why the game crashes when player receive the first Pokémon. To compensate this, we added new stuff. But one or two small things don't appear in this version because of this problem. When we have Pokémon Essentials v14, we can fix this kind of errors.

If the game crashes on your PC, we can repair it by sending us your saved game.

I advise you to start again the game from the beginning if you played the old version. Because the old versions of save games can crash in this version, because in this special version many events are fixed or altered, but the new saved games on this version, can be used in further versions.

Report bugs or errors here:

Game corner prizes have a bug, players don't received prizes and don't lost their coins when trying to purchase a prized item.

In Cinnabar Island, when player try to resurrect fossils, nothing happens.

After beating Kanto league Champion Gary, when the player go to Pallet Town, the events Prof. Oak and Bill Phone, they clash each other and makes the game to crash.

In Mt. Ember, Dotted Hole Cave, when player read the Braille inscriptions, the game crash.

In Sunburst Islnad when an npc go to near an edge of the map the game crash.

Note: When the player have some error or bugs, send the saved game by uploading in mediafire, 4shared, mega.co, etc. so can i fix the problems. Next version this errors will be fixed. And remember, this project are still under development.

Download: A new version has been released - version 14.
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

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