Pokémon Chronicles
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Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview

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Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Empty Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview

Mensagem por Ricardo PT Sex Mar 18, 2022 9:53 pm

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 20

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pokymo10

Game Features:
Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Featur11
Game's Sinopse:

In the world which you are about to enter, you will embark on a grand adventure, with you as the hero. Speak to people and check things wherever you go, be it towns, roads, or caves. Gather information and hints from every source.
New paths will open to you by helping people in need, overcoming challenges, and solving mysteries. At times, you will be challenged by others and attacked by wild creatures. Be brave and keep pushing on.
Through your adventure, we hope that you will interact with all sorts of people and achieve personal growth. That is our biggest objective.

Your dream is to become the best Pokemon Master in the world of Pokemon, but for that, you must prove yourself worthy of that title by collecting badges through 5 entire regions and becoming the champion in each region, until you'll be selected to participate in the Battle Frontier, last step to prove yourself worthy of the title.

Catch every Pokemon to fulfill your Pokedex and put an end in 3 evil teams schemes to prevent world crysis.

Will you fulfill your dream to become a Pokemon Master?

What's new in this version of Pokémon Chronicles v20:

Improved Pokedex Graphics:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 210

Improved the Pokedex and graphics into a more modern ones. The pokemon types matches the ones from the gen 8 and the dex layout is from gen 5 games. It is also animated now, instead of always static. The design is improved too to make it more easy to read and search for pokemon info.

2- Improved Advanced Dex Option:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 310

Improved the advanced dex option, from the main pokedex, to match better all this newly pokedex changes and new graphics. It is more easy to read and see now all the pokemon info you need.

3- Improved Starter Selection Scene:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 110

Improved the starter selection scene with better graphics and animations, the background will change depending on the pokemon that the player is about to choose.

4- Improved Pause Menu:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 410

Improved the pause menu for a better one with a new cool design. The players can choose up to 8 themes of their liking. It also is more interactive, and it now shows you, your pokemon in the party, day, month, year, hours, location. Those minor info that can be handy sometimes.

5- Improved Save Game Scene:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 710

Improved the save game scene to a more detailed one and to match the gen 5 games. When the player saves his game, this window will appear with this detailed info about your adventure.

6- Improved Item Crafter System:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 810

Removed the old item crafter system and added a new and improved one. When the player wants to craft an item, it now shows the item description, icon and how much items the player will get after crafting each time. With this improved system, the player can craft an item that requires up to six ingredients in total, but the majority will requires 2 or 3 ingredients to craft something. Theres more than 110 unique recipes to craft items around the 5 regions to collect. The item crafter is a key item that is received at the start of the game and it will be empty without any recipes, the player must collect them through events to unlock them, they will be uploaded automatically into the key item.

7- Improved Egg Hatch Scene:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 910

Improved the egg hatch scene animation and new graphics to match the gen 5 games.

8- Added Minor npcs Faces:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 610

Added some "trainer faces" to npc's in texts to make the game more lively with about 65 unique faces.

9- Changed Text Frames:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 510

Changed some text frames to catch better the player's eye to some important text and things. Brown for locations, grey for when the player receives an item or for some important info and interactions that requires the player's attention in the game.

10- New Evolution Scene:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 111

Changed the evolution scene for the one from the gen 5 games to be more appealing to the eye.

11- Poke Balls New Mechanic:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 211

Added a new mechanic/feature to all the game's Poke Balls. When the player is outside of battle, choose a poke ball and select "use", after that, choose a Pokemon in your party to swap the poke ball for the one his in. Sometimes you can broke poke balls during this process. Here's an ex: In the picture, i caught my charizard in an Ultra Ball, but i want it inside of a normal poke ball, so, i will swap the ultra ball for the poke ball, and from now on, it will be inside of a normal poke ball. Poke Balls with effects, like heal ball or dark ball, will apply those effects normally.

12- Exit Arrows:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 311

Added the "exit Arrows" into the game's maps to point better the maps exit. The arrows has a small animation, turning them white and red.

13- Key Items Animation Scene:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 611

Added a new animation scene when the players receives key items only.

14- Item Overworld Icons:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 511

Changed all the items overworld poke ball icons, and turned them into their respective icons, to give a different looking and variety into the game. The items that doesn't have their own icon, will be inside of a box, instead of a poke ball icon. This way it to make things a bit more realistic.

15- Improved NPC Trainers:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 411

Improved / Added - some overworld NPC trainers to match their "nature":

They are: Camper (Hoenn), Picnicker (Hoenn), Male Swimmers (Kanto/Hoenn), Female Swimmers (Kanto/Hoenn), Male and Female Tubers (Kanto/Hoenn), Male and Female Thriathlete Swimmers (Hoenn), Team Magma Grunts, Team Aqua Grunts, Maxie, Tabitha, Courtney, Matt, Shelby, Sebastian, Namba, Viper, Wendy, Miyamoto, Mondo.

Updated the fame checker trainer icons too.

16- Improved Team Rocket VS Animation:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview 112

Improved Team Rocket VS Animation Scene to make a better entrance when fighting a member of Team Rocket.

17- Improved Quests System:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic12

Removed the old script about the quests system and changed it into a better and modernized one. The Players can access the quests screen through: the key item Journal, through the new pause menu, a icon/option will be added there.

How it works:

1- When a player receives a new quest, a notification pop up in form of a message and in the pause menu.
2- New quests that pops up into the Journal, a square with ! will notice the player about that new quest entry in the quests log screen. The player is also notified when a quest is completed.
3- When the player selects a quest to read its content, two pages are shown:
a) The first one has: the quests description + Task + Location where the player needs to go to do the task.
b) the second one has: Quest stage + who gived the quest + where the player received it + quest start time, later on it will show when the player finished it + quests reward given by completing quests.
4- When a quest is completed, it will be moved into the completed quests page.

Quests in red means: Important quests (the player must to this ones to progress further in the game),
Quests in yellow means: Important quests too, but this ones consists only of Pokemon league quests,
Quests in blue means: Secondary quests (the player don't need to do this quests to progress further in the game),
Quests in green means: Completed quests.

18- Improved Bag Screen:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic13

Improved the Bag screen into a better system and functions. The background in now animated and it change the color depending on each bag's pocket. This also has the Pokemon party screen integrated with it. When a player uses an item or a TM for example, you can do it from the bag instead of going into the party. This way shows the player a better way and more faster an item or TM in which a Pokemon are able to use it. This has support for the script that allows the player to change the Pokemon's poke ball into another one of other type. This is a gen 8 mechanic from the official games by the way.

19- Improved Location Signpost:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic14

Removed the old location signpost and seasons scripts, to change them into one. This improved location signpost displays info about the players current location and which season is currently on. Its a game mechanic/feature from the black and white official games, gen 5.

20- Added New Items:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic15

Added new items into the game, here's the list:

Black Augurite - an evolution item to make Scyther to evolve into Kleavor.
Peat Block - an evolution item to make Ursaring to evolve into Ursaluna at nightime.
Hisui Dust - to permanently change a Pokemon into a hisuian form.
Shiny Candy - An item that turns a Pokemon into a shiny version of it when used on it. = The player can obtain this only through itemcrafter key item when crafting it.
Lunar Wing - A feather that glows like the moon. It's said to possess the power to dispel nightmares. = Event item.
Member Card - A card needed for entering the inn in Canalave City. Oddly, the last date marked on it was 50 years ago. = Event item.
Oak's Letter - A letter from Professor Oak. Written in it is a request for you to go to Ever Grande City. = Event item.
Zygarde Cube - An item in which ZYGARDE Cores and Cells are gathered. You can also use it to change ZYGARDE's forms.
Safety Goggles - An item to be held by a POKéMON. They protect the holder from weather-related damage and powder.

21- Added New Game Events:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic16

Added new game events for the Legendary and mytical Pokemon:

Darkrai - It will start at Mandarin Island North, there's a kid that is having non stop nightmares, his parents will ask the player to go to MT. Moon first to gather a Lunar Wing from Cresselia, then the player can go to the kid with the nightmares to awake him from them, since that Drakrai is behind the scenes. As a last reward of a series of quests, the player receive the key item, member card, to open a door to a house on that same island. Then the player meets a weird character there and after going to a bed there, the player start to have a "dream", through that "dream", the player is teleported to Dark Cave in order to face Darkrai, to put an end to its evil nightmares. Through this, the player will have a chance to capture it and its the only way to have it in the game. Journal quests were added to the quests list to help the player with this events.

Cresselia - It will start roaming in Kanto Region, after the player gets the Lunar Wing in the Darkrai events. The two events are related and connect.

Shaymin - It will start at Pacifidlog Town, where a Prof. Oak's Aide is waiting for the player to give the Oak's Letter to him. After that, the player must go to Ever Grande City, to interact white a stone tablet, a white rock, and Prof. Oak to solve the mystery of that tablet. Then Shaymin appeared and flee from the player, it will be in the same area, where the player can interact with it to catch it. Journal key item were updated to receive quests related to this events to help the player. Also, there's an aroma lady at Route 117, where she can give a gracidea flower to the player, if Shaymin is in the party. Fiorelo Fiorentino (Celadon Radio Tower) no longer gives gracidea to the player in exchange of a Pearl String, he will now give a Marble instead.

Kyurem - After the player becomes the new Hoenn champion, the scientist at the Weather Institute, at Route 119, will report strange weather anomalies in some areas of Hoenn region. He will first report about the heavy rainfall at Route 105, which the player can battle Kyogre, a drought at Route 114, which the player can battle Groudon, and a snowfall at Route 125, which the player can battle Kyurem at a very high level. The correspondent quests will be added into the Journal to guide the players and to give rewards related to this kind of events, in case of Kyurem, the quest will reaward the player with a DNA Splicers.

Spiritomb - Now in Route N, in the Orange Archipelago, a destroyed stone tower will be there permanently. When a player brings an Odd Keystone and then "speaking" with the stone tower, it will "ask" the player, if he will use an Odd Keystone, if the player says yes, then a Spiritomb will appear to battle the player at a decent level. Note that one Odd Keystone will be deleted in each use. And the player can repeat the process forever. By the way, you can get Odd Keystones from the mining minigame in certain caves, one time per day.

Victini - After the player become the Johto champion, Victini and a Team Rocket Grunt will appear in the Johto Victory Road. The player will battle first against the Team Rocket Grunt, then the player can catch Victini, at a low level.

Genesect - After the player become the Hoenn champion, and after the events in Route 110, New Mauville Power Plant, where Giovanni mentioned that Team Rocket will join forces with Team Plasma in Unova Region, a former Team Plasma Scientist will appear in the Mandarin Island North, Abandoned Power Plant. He will explain all the creation of Genesect and its drivers experiments, then he will battle the player. And after the player beats it, he will give 2 drivers to the player and he releases Genesect too, which after that, the player can catch it at low level and obtain the last 2 drivers.

22- Improved PC Storage Box:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic17

Changed the graphics for the Pokemon PC Storage Box, to make it better to the eye and more colorful, instead of all that white.

23- Added the PokeSearch game mechanic:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic18

Added a new Key Item related to this new game mechanic: PokeSearch.

It allows the players to find the specific encounters they are looking for, and also allows berries to be more interesting.
It's a single UI script that allows the player to input a Pokémon that is available in the current map, enter a repel to increase the odds of a successful encounter, and add a berry in order to give the encounter some 'spice'.
Once they hit search they have a chance to encounter that specific Pokémon.


Depending on the used repel the player will have a 10-100% chance of getting their preferred encounter.
The Pokémon will have the average level of the current map +- 2 levels.
Berries have specific effects on the encounter such as increasing the shiny odds.

All of the Repel and Berry Effects:

No Repel: small (10%) chance of successful encounter.
Repel: decent (50%) chance of successful encounter.
Super Repel: good (80%) chance of successful encounter.
Max Repel: guaranteed chance of successful encounter.

Lum Berry: increased odds of hidden ability encounters.
Status Berries: increased odds of pokerus encounters.
Oran Berry: encounters have slightly increased IV values.
Sitrus Berry: encounters have significantly increased IV values.
Enigma Berry: increased odds of shiny encounters.
Leppa Berry: increased odds of lower level encounters.
Misc. Berries: increased odds of higher level encounters.

Note: This key Item will be added as a recipe in the itemcrafter game mechanic.

24- Added a new game mechanic: Encounters UI:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic19

Added a new game mechanic in the pause menu: the encounters UI.
With this new game mechanic, the player can see what kind of Pokemon species can be found on a specific encounter type in the current map where the player currently is.

This can indicate the encounters in:

Grass areas = in daytime, nightime and etc.
Rock Smash.
Headbutt low and high.
Phenomenon in grass, water, caves, sky.
all the rods.

Also, the background of the image changes to match the encounters type.

Info about the encounters UI:

If you didn't see a Pokemon, it will show as ?.
If you saw a Pokemon, but didn't own that specie, it will be shown in gray colors.
If you have a Pokemon that is already on the list, then it wil be shown in full colors.

This game mechanic will be displayed at the start of the game.

25- Improved the Berry Pots Game Mechanic:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic20

Added a new tiny option that lets the player to choose what watering pail they want to use. Due to a game bug about this matter, this option was added, so the system can process better the correspondent watering pail when a player uses one.

Added the option to plant and fertilize apricorns.

Added more 6 berry pots, they will be a total of 10 berry pots. But, it will start with 4 berry pots, to have the other 6, the player must progress in the game to unlock one at a time.

Added a few more quests related to the Squirtbottle and Sudowoodo events, to better guide the player in how to do all the steps until it receives the Berry Pots key item.

Changed a bit those related events.

26- Added the New Pokemon and Forms from Legend Arceus:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic21

Added the new Pokemon dex entries, forms and regional forms into the game.

New Pokemon entries:

Stantler = Has Move Psychic and level up = Wyrdeer,
Scyther = Use Black Augurite = Kleavor,
Ursaring = Use Peat Block at night time = Ursaluna,
Hisuian Sneasel = Day Hold Item Sharp Claw and level up = Sneasler,
Hisuian Qwilfish = Has Move Poison Sting and level up = Overqwil,
Hisuian Basculin = happiness during night time (temporary method) = Basculegion,

New Pokemon Forms:

Enamorus = use Reveal Glass = Enamorus Therian Form = use it again to revert the process,
Dialga = use Adamant Orb = Dialga Origin Form = use it again to revert the process,
Palkia = use Lustrous Orb = Palkia Origin Form = use it again to revert the process.

Hisuian Pokemon Forms and lines:

Hisuian Growlithe = use Fire Stone = Hisuian Arcanine,
Hisuian Voltorb = use Leaf Stone = Hisuian Electrode,
Johtonian Cyndaquil = level 17 = Johtonian Quilava = level 36 = Hisuian Typhlosion,
Hisuian Sneasel = Day Hold Item Sharp Claw and level up = Sneasler,
Hisuian Qwilfish = Has Move Poison Sting and level up = Overqwil,
Unovan Dewott = level 17 = Hisuian Samurott,
Hisuian Basculin = happiness during night time (temporary method) = Basculegion,
Unovan Petilil = use Sun Stone = Hisuian Lilligant,
Hisuian Zorua = level 30 = Hisuian Zoroark,
Unovan Rufflet = level 54 = Hisuian Braviary,
Kalosian Bergmite = level 37 = Hisuian Avalugg,
Kalosian Goomy = level 40 = Hisuian Sligoo = level 50 and if its raining in the world map = Hisuian Goodra,
Alolan Dartrix = level 36 = Hisuian Decidueye.

Note: To evolve this regional forms, the player must use the item: Hisui Dust, so they can change into the Hisuian forms before they can evolve, except for the Cyndaquil line, which is Cyndaquil that needs the item and not Quilava, then evolve normally into the correspondent form. Note that the change is permanent, so think before using the item on the Pokemon.

27- Added the "Pokemon Party Selection" Game Mechanic:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pokemo93

Added a new game mechanic into the game related to the Pokemon party selection when the player goes to a GYM. Instead of only bringing the amount of Pokemon requested by the GYM leader, the player now can bring full Pokemon party and when the GYM leader asks for a certain number of Pokemon to battle with, the player can now choose the respective amount of Pokemon that will participate in battle, plus the player can choose their order.

Some rules were added to GYM leaders in order to participate in the battles, here some rules that the majority of the leaders and players must obey:

1- Choosing or bringing the amount of Pokemon requested by the GYM leader to battle with.
2- Pokemon eggs can't participate.
3- Already fainted Pokemon can't participate at the start of a GYM battle.
4- Trainer partners will not participate in GYM battles.
5- In some cases, GYM leaders changes their single battles into double battles.
6- Both parties can switch Pokemon during the battle.
7- Both parties can use items during the battle, including: Mega Pokemon, dynamax Pokemon, Ultra evolution Pokemon and other forms of Pokemon and mechanics.

28- Improved Some Oldest Game Features:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pokemo92

Updated some oldest game features, they are:

1- Party Ball icons displayed on the Pokemon Party to match their respective ball in which they are in.
2- Shiny leafs and shiny crown, six shiny leafs are required to form a shiny crown, a feature from HGSS.
3- Egg Groups being displayed in the Pokemon Summary page 2, to better inform the player the egg groups in case they want to breed certain Pokemon.
4- IVs mechanic, in which i used the stars in the older versions, i changed that to be letters instead, so players can understand better which Pokemon IV is better or not.

Minor improvements in general..

29- Added a New Game Mechanic, The Move Info Display:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic22

To use this new game mechanic, press M when you're about to choose a move to use, press M again to close it. If you don't close it, when you choose the move to use, it will close itself.

This is a window that you can open during move selection in battle, and grants you in-depth info about each highlighted move, as well as the effectiveness of the selected move on your current opponents.

Move Flags:
Below a move's name, there is a field that may display a row of icons which indicate a variety of special properties this specific move may have. Here are all of the icons that may appear on a move, and what they represent:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic23

Type Effectiveness:
If you're highlighting a damaging move, there will appear a section above the top right corner of the window which displays the icon of each of the opposing Pokemon on the field. Each of these icons will be contained in a colored box. The color and symbol found on this box indicates what the type effectiveness will be of your currently highlighted move if used against each opposing target. Here are the following indicators:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic24

Z-Powered Bonuses:
Z-Powered status moves will now also display the bonus effects the move will gain from its Z-Power.

30- Added a New Type of Mart Shop, for Selling Pokemon:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pic25

Added a new type of Mart Shop that will sells Pokemon in exchange of Game Corner Coins.
This will work the same as the Mart Coins UI for Items in the Game Corners, but instead of selling items, it will sell Pokemon instead. It will facilitate navigation for players and better info on display.

31- Added a New Feature Into the Pause Menu:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pokemo94

Added a new feature into the pause menu: the badge case.

This little feature will inform the player about this:

1- How many badges and what badges the player currently have.
2- It will display a picture of the selected badge and its info.
3- Leader name and picture.
4- The GYM location and GYM type.
5- The Ace Pokemon.

Also, when the player defeats a GYM Leader, a new badge entry will appear and then attached into the pause menu: badge case feature.

32- Added the Focus Meter System in Battles:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pokemo95

A battle system mod that allows you to control traditionally RNG-based mechanics through building a meter instead.

Do you dislike the heavy reliance on RNG in Pokemon battles? Looking to add a new strategic edge to your battles? Then this plugin may be just what you're looking for!
This plugin aims to overhaul the bulk of RNG-based mechanics present in Pokemon battles with a new "Focus" mechanic that removes a lot of what makes Pokemon battles often feel cheap and unpredictable, and replaces it with something that deepens the gameplay with more meaningful decision making. In particular, the Critical Hit system, Accuracy/Evasion stats, and Additional Effect chance of moves as they currently exist in the base game are radically changed to be more fair, yet still retain the fun and flavor that have made them a mainstay in the series. Gone are the days of a rogue critical hit ruining your entire strategy, relying on dice rolls as your opponent stalls you out with Evasion spam, or feeling completely cheated because of a random Ice Beam freezing you.

Instead of all of these mechanics being completely dependent on random chance, each Pokemon may now build their "Focus" in battle, which is represented as a meter. Once the meter is full, they can harness this Focus to ensure that these RNG-dependent mechanics will instead trigger when you want them to. For example, instead of critical hits having a random chance of happening with each attack, critical hits will instead ONLY happen if a Pokemon with a full focus meter spends this meter to deal critical damage. The type of effect using your focus meter will have can be set on each individual Pokemon, allowing you to use many different sorts of strategies utilizing the focus meter.

Note however, that this plugin does not eliminate all RNG altogether. Random chance is deeply built into the battle system and part of what makes battles exciting. The goal here is to simply mitigate the more egregious examples of obnoxious RNG into an improved system that can be utilized in battle for powerful combos.

33- Added the Overworld Weather Moves:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pokemo96

Now, the player can use one of this moves: Hail, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, outside of battles as a field move, like for example an HM. With this little feature, the player can change the current weather on a map, and when he goes into battle, the weather will still be the one "summoned" by the player. Players can take this as an abvantage into battles, same works for the trainers and wild Pokemon.

34- Revamped the Punch Bag Minigame:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pokemo98

Revamped the Punch Bag minigame to give some rewards for the player's Pokemon.
The player can choose to "train" the Pokemon EVs or IVs for the selected Pokemon until it reaches its max.
To play this minigame, te player must talk to a black belt in the Saffron's Dojo, right side of the map.
It's free of charge and there's some expecific rules about this kind of training, the black belt there will explain everything about the minigame.

35- Added New Battle Styles: Agile and Strong:

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pokemo97

Now, the player can use one of this battle styles: Agile or Strong style during a battle. The player can choose what style to use and he can view the info about a style anytime before confirming the use of the selected style.
To be able to use a battle style, since it won't appear inside the battles itself, the player must use at least one: Seed of Mastery item in a Pokemon move to master it, this way the battle styles option will appear when using a mastery move. Some moves can't be mastered and level up moves can now be mastered too in case of this particular fangame. Also, theres 10% change of a wild Pokemon using this battle styles too, during a battle. Note that trainers cannot use this battle styles. This idea is from the official method from Legend Arceus game, except the level up moves that can be remastered in this game.

0- Other Things:

Added- 50 more PC storage boxes to store your pokemon = 100 PC storage boxes in total now.
Added- One more evolution method to Nosepass. It evolves by location or by using a Thunder Stone on him.
Added- Pikachutwo form and Ash Squirtle form from the anime series.
Changed- Turned the clones evos lines: Bulbasaurtwo, Charmandertwo, Squirtletwo into forms, instead of considering them as shiny Pokemon.
Changed- Bug Catching contest prizes, the first place will now give you a random evolution stone and the other prizes were changed too to mach better the HGSS prizes list.
Changed- Pokemon like for ex: Crystal Onix, Dark Lugia, Pink Rhyhorn, etc will now be considered as forms, and they can't evolve or change forms. Also, the player can't have this forms like any other form, this special forms are from anime series and to get them, the player can catch them in battle in certain events. Its only cosmetic but for those who wanted this kind of special Pokemon, they now can have them in their collection.
Changed- Mr. Sea quest event in the Seashore House at Route 109/Hoenn Region, the quest were madded in the wrong way, in which it detects 2 out of 3 trainer battles to complete the quest, instead of 3 battles.
Changed- The Salesman gifted Pokemon at Route 04 (PokeCenter), if the player buys his Magikarp, it will be a shiny one, which is a golden one, and inside of a gold ball. Note: Shiny Pokemon will always evolve to their shiny versions only. It will cost 500 pokes and the player can't return it to the salesman.
Changed- The Team Rocket event in Tangelo Island when they try to capture Lapras and battle the player, removed the "direction fix" option from the event to avoid the player's direction bug.
Changed- The place of some hidden items on Ice Path due to the Pokemon follower blocking the player in certain areas.
Changed- The Team Rocket Butch and Cassedi at Mahogany Rocket Hideout into normal Team Rocket Grunts as it should be.
Changed- The Ice Path maps a bit due to the Pokemon follower blocking the player in certain areas.
Changed- The Mahogany GYM ice tiles to give enough space for the Pokemon follower, because it's blocking the player to interact with the leader.
Changed- An event in Silph Co. 7F, when the player receives a Lapras as a gift. Now it will ask you if you want it, if the player don't want it, it can take it later. Also, that Lapras is now a shiny Pokemon.
Improved- All the Pokemon party icons for all generations + shiny versions of them + mega forms + region forms + other kinds of forms + gender differences too. Around 2.500 unique icons were added into the game.
Improved- All the Pokemon follower overworld sprites for all generations + shiny versions of them + mega forms + region forms + other kinds of forms + gender differences too. Around 2.500 unique sprites were added into the game.
Improved- The Mart Clerks events, were the players can now talk/interact with them from the sides, to make them a bit more realistic.
Removed- Medal Box Key Item from the game, it lost its purpose.
Fixed- All the game's elevators, they work now.
Fixed- All the Dewford's GYM dark circles mechanic.
Fixed- All the Pokemon back sprites graphics for normal and shiny versions and battle positions for the back sprites. (Pokemon metrics file)
Fixed- All the Pokemon evolution moves when they evolve in any level. Instead of only learning the moves only at a certain level, the way is more acurate with the official games method.
Fixed- Incorrect Party Pokemon for Team Rocket Grunt at Pokemon Tower, Lavender Town, where he uses 3 Zubat instead of using 2 zubat and 1 Golbat in battle.
Fixed- Graphic bug on the Cerulean GYM, in Cerulean City.
Fixed- Wrong npc sprite in Cerulean City when transiting to Route 5, its a Teacher trainer type.
Fixed- Missing James overworld sprite at S. S. Anne Ouside map.
Fixed- Archen and Ariana T. R. Executives Events Movements being block by the Pokemon Follower in Mahogany Town's Team Rocket Hideout.
Fixed- Missing battleground when battling the Team Rocket Grunt guarding the poster in Celadon's Game Corner.
Fixed- Script code in all the game's elevators to work properly.
Fixed- Hidden Item event in Pokemon Mansion B1F, which the Itemfinder detects it even if the player already collected it.
Fixed- Map Route 23 issues with map tilesets and phenomenon issues in the map due to that.
Fixed- Icefall Cave 1F-2 tilesets, which the player can walk in some of the cave where it shouldn't walk.
Fixed- Route H underwater event teleporter, when the player returns to the surface he get stuck in the map because he didn't use surf, the teleporter will now re-locate the player in the nearby island.
Fixed- Pokemon always being shiny when the player lefts a map with shiny Pokemon without triggering the switch to be off.
Fixed- Zapdos in Lightning Island being in its Galar Form when it is not supposed to be.
Fixed- Trainer Rocker at Route K, when battling against him, he will have Ampharos lv50 because the system overlaps the trainer with another existing one of with the same name.
Fixed- Prof. Elm's Movements being blocked by the Pokemon Follower.
Fixed- G. S. Ball event, when it is supposed to deliver the G. S. Ball before entering the Pummelo Stadium.
Fixed- Missing game switch in Murcott Island related to the Injured Scyther event with Tracey, in the PokeCenter.
Fixed- Missing game switch to prevent players to go to Silph Co., without completing the Lavender Tower and the Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon City first.
Fixed- Tileset bug in Route N.
Fixed- Tileset issues in Union Cave B1F.
Fixed- Tileset bug where the player can walk in a tile where is not supposed to walk in Goldenrod Dept. 3F.
Fixed- Missing terrain tags for: grass encounters + phenomenon encounters and footprints in the sand.
Fixed- Blackthorn City water area, where the phenomenon encounters could appear on top of the GYM.
Fixed- Route 110 Hidden Item Great Ball having the icon graphic of a Black Belt Item.
Fixed- Hidden Item Poke Ball and Black Glasses in Routes: 110 and 116, if the player uses the itemfinder again after picking the items it will respond again.
Fixed- Petalburg City tileset bug, where the player can surf on top of houses.
Fixed- When using Galar Dust on Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres and it doesn't work to make them change to Galar Forms.
Fixed- Missing NPC graphic in Safari Zone North East Area.
Fixed- Team Aqua Leader Archie Event Movements being block by the Pokemon Follower in Mt. Chimney.
Fixed- Team Aqua Grunt Event Movements being block by the Pokemon Follower in the Weather Institute.
Fixed- Event bug at Southern Island, which make it to repeat in a loop.
Fixed- Bird Keeper Benny in the Trick House, when battling against him, he will have the wrong Pokemon set and levels because the system overlaps the trainer with another existing one of with the same name.
Fixed- Misplaced Psychic trainer at Mossdeep GYM.
Fixed- Cool Trainer Samuel at Hoenn Victory Road B1F, when battling against him, he will have the wrong Pokemon set and levels because the system overlaps the trainer with another existing one of with the same name.
Fixed- Hidden Items in the Abandoned Ship, if the player uses the itemfinder again after picking the items it will respond again.
Fixed- Art Museum Curator's event, issues about facing the player and issue about the game switches.
Fixed- Bill's Movements being blocked by the Pokemon Follower in Viridian Pokecenter.
Fixed- Diana's Movements being blocked by the circus building in Slateport City.
Fixed- Lance Movements being blocked by the Pokemon Follower in Lake of Rage.
And other improved things / repair bugs and errors.

This Pokemon Chronicles update uses Pokemon Essentials v20.1 editor/tool/engine, this change log is about it: https://essentialsdocs.fandom.com/wiki/Change_log/v20

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview People10


Downloaded all the game parts and now what?

1- Place all parts in the same directory / folder / location.
2- Right click on part 1 and then extract it to from the game's exe.
3- With the game's exe. You can delete the winrar parts. Because you've got what you want, the game's exe.
4- Install the game normally and check the Word files for more information about the game installation.


Note: Remember, this project is still under development.
This is a PC fangame not a hack room.
To download the game, people must be registered in this forum.
The game provides players with Word files with instructions about installation and other usefull things.
Please read carefuly when instaling the game.

People's scripts and other kinds of stuff are credited inside the game in final credits.

Technical Support/Game's Email: pokemonchroniclesrpg@gmail.com

Discord: Richard PT#5878

Pokemon Chronicles FanGame Discord Server: https://discord.gg/HtjXnN9

Pokémon Chronicles Version 20 -> Preview Pc10

Download Pokémon Chronicles through parts (WITH INSTALLATION EXE): 

Part 1- Unavailable...

Part 2- Unavailable...



How to install the game and Updates?

1- To install the game, simply copy and paste the game's folder on your PC. But, never paste it on the folder "My PC". (through raw folder without installer and encryption).

1.1- Execute the game exe and follow the instructions on the screen and in the Word file. (through installer/exe method).

2- To update to a new game's version, delete your old game's folder and paste this one in the same location.

3- Just play the game and have fun.

Note: Your save game will go automatically to another location, so it's fine doing this and you will not lose your saved game.
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