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Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 17.0

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Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 17.0

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Qua Maio 17, 2017 11:14 am

Pokémon Chronicles Demo - Version 17.0

Game Features:

721 Pokémons to catch;
6 times of the day: morning, afternoon, night, etc;
5 types of weather conditions: Rain, Heavy Rain, Sandstorm, Snowstorm, Heat wave;
4 regions: Kanto, Orange, Johto and Hoenn;
Pokémon can be caught at different times of the day;
28 Badges;
7 Battle frontier symbols;
Many different ribbons;
Pokémon Contests;
Battle Tents;
Bug Catching Contest;
Safari Zones;
More than 800 unique items;
Kurt Pokéballs;
Mini games: Slot Machines, Voltorb Flip, Mining for Treasures, Puzzles, triple Triad, Dodrio Berry Picking, Type Quiz, Lottery System, etc;
Characters from Pokémon series;
Music from Pokémon series;
Single and Double trainer battles;
Trainer Following System;
More than 350 moves;
09 HMs Moves;
Trade Pokémon with other NPC in game;
Phone Calls System;
Pokégear and Pokénav Systems;
Radio System, using in game musics;
Pokéradar System;
VS. Seeker System;
Day-care System;
Birthsigns System;
Following Pokémon System;
Planting Berries System;
Soot Sack System;
Secret Bases System;
18 Pokémon types including Fairy-type;
Pokémon Forms;
Mega Pokémon System;
Primal Pokémon System;
Controls and Options System;
Quests Log System;
And other things...

What's new in this version of Pokémon Chronicles v17.0:

1- Welcome to Hoenn Region Part 1:

Now players can go to Littleroot Town, Route 101, Route 102, Route 103, Altering Cave, Petalburg City, Route 104, Petalburg Woods, Rustboro City, Route 105, Route 106, Granite Cave, Dewford Town, Route 107, Route 108, Abandoned Ship, Route 109, Slateport City, Route 115, Route 116 and Rusturf Tunnel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update is only the Hoenn part 1, so, some places are locked / forbidden to players until next updates.

2- Berry Plantation System:

Now players can plant their berries to make more of them. Each berry have their growth time and needs.

3- Quests Log System:

Now when you use the item JOURNAL, you can saw the quests log screen. Note that this is a key item that players received in the begining of the game. This system permits players to see what they must do to complete certain events / mission / quests of the game. It also indicates de image NPC, Quest name, NPC name, where you get the quests and the real date when you receive it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For older save games, this system will not record the quests / events that you had already done, it only will register the new ones, like Hoenn region. To register all the quests / events, players must start a new game.

4- PokéNav System:

Now players have another option in the Menu, the PokéNav system. This system will be available in Devon Co. in Hoenn Region and PokéGear in Goldenrod City. Pokégear and PokéNav will display diferent options for players.

5- Birthsigns System Add-on:

This system only works after hatching Pokémon and not with wild Pokémon.
When Hatching a Pokémon, it will have a birthsign according to the current month that players hatched it.

This system gives some usefull bufs/skills to the Hatched Pokémon:

January - Apprentice - The user is born with the cured Pokérus virus.
February - Companion - The user is born with 100% affection for its trainer.
March - Gladiator - The user is always born male, if able.
April - Hunter - The user has keen tracking skills; boosting capture rates by 20% when leading.
May - Maiden - The user is always born female, if able.
June - Parent - The user has access to the 'Incubate' skill; hatching an egg with under 1,000 steps.
July - Martyr - The POKéMON is born with the first natural Ability.
August - Aristocrat - The user gains 2x prize money while leading. This stacks with other party effects.
September - Scholar - The user gains 20% more experience from battles. This stacks with similar effects.
October - Voyager - The user is always born genderless, if able.
November - Prodigy - The POKéMON is born with the second natural Ability.
December - Wishmaker - The user may sneak up on unsuspecting wild POKéMON to strike while they're asleep.

A new page has been added in Pokémon Summary Category, so players can view the Pokémon current birthsign.

Also, a new option has added to the Pokénav system, so players can view all available birthsign and their information in detail.

6- Secret Bases System:

Added Secret Bases System in Hoenn Region. Players can only have 1 secret base in use. Added 73 secret bases maps in Hoenn Region. And now you can buy furniture through NPCs in Hoenn. Use Secret Power to make a secret base.

7- Reformulated Credits Screen:

Now the credits of the game will be like in the image. Is more fast and better to see.

8- Diploma:

When players has captured all the current 721 Pokémon, they can go to Celadon Mansion to receive the recognition / diploma.

9- Wall Clock Screen:

When you check the clock in Brendan / May houses, you can see this clock add-on.

10- Mr. Briney Service:

Players can use the Mr. Briney service when they go to Dewford or Slateport across the sea.

11- New Forms:

Now Flabébé, Floette and Florges have natural forms. Added Floette eternal flower form. To get eternal flower form, players must give gracidea to Floette, just one time, and it will become that form. Note that when it is in eternal flower form, it can't evolve or change the current form, in other words, it will be this form forever. Players can retrieve the gracidea after "transformation" and it will have diferent stats from the normal ones.

Added the 20 natural forms of Vivillon. When players evolve Spewpa, Vivillon will get a random natural form.

12- Pokémon Movie 6 Events:

In Movie 6 events, players must stop Butler for reaching his goals and save Jirachi.

I decided to lunch part 1 only, because this will take me more time that i expected, so next update i will lunch the rest. Sorry for that.

0- Other Things:

Fixed - Item events.
Fixed - Goldenrod Pokécenter Mail event from a woman.
Fixed - Reformulated Prof. Oak Aides to match the official games.
Fixed - Kumquat Island time of the day, fly and map fixes.
Fixed - All ports of Orange Region when they ask for the tickets.
Fixed - Dive maps teleporters.
Fixed - Follow Pokémon system with dive.
Fixed - Reduced some anime pokémon npcs to reduce lag and moved some anime npcs to other locations to reduce lag as well.
Fixed - Teleports events of all regions.
Fixed - Several events of the game.
Added - Trick Master events.
Added - Dewford GYM dark circles system.
Added - Mr. Briney ship graphics.
Added - Cable Car graphics.
Added - Improved Artificial Inteligence in important NPCS.
Added - Poké balls for special trainers.
Added - New battle animation for Stats up and down in moves like growl and etc.
Game speed was improved.
And other improved things / repair bugs and errors.



If the game crashes on your PC, we can repair it by sending us your saved game.

Report bugs or errors here:


IMPORTANT NOTE: The players can continue with their save games.

Note: Remember, this project is still under development.

This is a PC fangame not a hack rom.
To download the game, people must be registered in this forum.
To extract the game from winrar, just right click on part 1 and then extract it to form the game's exe.
The game provides players with Word files with instructions about installation and other usefull things.
Please read carefuly when instaling the game.


Technical Support/Game's Email: pokemonchronicles@iol.pt

Download Pokémon Chronicles through parts:

A new version has been released - version 17.1.
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

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