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Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18

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Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Empty Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Qua Maio 02, 2018 4:18 pm

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokymo10

Game Features:

807 Pokémons to catch;
6 times of the day: morning, afternoon, night, etc;
5 types of weather conditions: Rain, Heavy Rain, Sandstorm, Snowstorm, Heat wave;
4 regions: Kanto, Orange, Johto and Hoenn;
Pokémon can be caught at different times of the day;
28 Badges;
7 Battle frontier symbols;
Many different ribbons;
Pokémon Contests;
Battle Tents;
Bug Catching Contest;
Safari Zones;
More than 800 unique items;
Kurt Pokéballs;
Mini games: Slot Machines, Voltorb Flip, Mining for Treasures, Puzzles, triple Triad, Dodrio Berry Picking, Type Quiz, Lottery System, etc;
Characters from Pokémon series;
Music from Pokémon series;
Single and Double trainer battles;
Trainer Following System;
More than 350 moves;
09 HMs Moves;
Trade Pokémon with other NPC in game;
Phone Calls System;
Pokégear and Pokénav Systems;
Radio System, using in game musics;
Pokéradar System;
VS. Seeker System;
Day-care System;
Birthsigns System;
Following Pokémon System;
Planting Berries System;
Soot Sack System;
Secret Bases System;
18 Pokémon types including Fairy-type;
Pokémon Forms;
Mega Pokémon System;
Primal Pokémon System;
Controls and Options System;
Quests Log System;
And other things...

What's new in this version of Pokémon Chronicles v18:

1- Pokémon Amie / Refresh:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo27

Pokémon Amie / Refresh was added to the game. This works like a pet system, where you can feed you Pokemon, play with it and other minor things. This system is very useful for Pokemon that requires friendship to evolve, this way is a better way for you to "control" the friendship points / Levels of your Pokemon. To access it, simply talk to your follow Pokemon or access it through Pokenav system.

Note: This system has support to your mouse buttons.

2- Poketch:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo32

In this game Poketch has 21 apps. The way you use this system is very similar from Pokemon Diamond and pearl games. To access it, you must use a key item called Poketch, then select what app you want to use. The apps will be given through the game events instead off giving them all right away.

Note: This system has support to your mouse buttons. And it doesn't have be added to any events yet in this version. It was made by Marin.

3- Alola Forms Remaked / Fixed:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo21

Now players can evolve Alola Forms like in the official games. However there is a unique difference in this game, they must hold the item alola dust to change to alola forms. Once they evolved, they no longer requires that holding item and they can't returne to the original forms. Alola forms are permanent. Here's the list:

Rattata + holding alola dust = Alola Rattata + normal lv up at night time = Alola Raticate.
Pikachu + holding alola dust + thunder stone = Alola Raichu.
Sandshrew + holding alola dust = Alola Sandshrew + ice stone = Alola Sandslash.
Vulpix + holding alola dust = Alola Vulpix + ice stone = Alola Ninetales.
Diglett + holding alola dust = Alola Diglett + normal lv up = Alola Dugtrio.
Meowth + holding alola dust = Alola Meowth + friendship = Alola Persian.
Geodude + holding alola dust = Alola Geodude + normal lv up = Alola Graveler + trade device item = Alola Golem.
Grimer + holding alola dust = Alola Grimer + normal lv up = Alola Muk.
Exeggcute + holding alola dust + leaf stone = Alola Exeggutor.
Cubone + holding alola dust + normal lv up at night time = Alola Marowak.

4- New Pokémon Forms:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo23

New Pokémon Forms where added to the game:

Rockruff - Added the dusk form. As you already know, Rockruff already has the midday and middnight forms when it evolve at lv25 at day or night, to get the dusk form, players must catch a wild Rockruff with Own Tempo ability and evolve it at lv25 at morning or evening. Only Rockruff with Own Tempo ability will evolve to dusk form. Another thing, I decided to impute morning and evening because in ultra sun it evolves in the morning and in ultra moon in the evening or vice versa.

Necrozma - Added Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane forms. To get these forms, you must have these items: N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer, they are key items. When using N-Solarizer, you will fuse Necrozma with Solgaleo to became the Dusk Form, when using N-Lunarizer, you will fuse Necrozma with Lunala to became the Dawn Wings Form. To defuse them use the respective items again. Note that when you fuse them, they will become 1 Pokemon, when defuse them, it will need a party slot. The Ultra Burst form will not be added in the version for now, it needs some work.

Furfrou - Added 9 cosmetic forms. To get those forms, just groom them. These forms stays for 5 days.

Fixed Shaymin Form - Use Gracidea on Shaymin at a certain time of the day to become the Sky Form.

Fixed Kyurem Forms - Use DNA Splicers + Reshiram or Zekron to fuse and defuse them. Same method as Necrozma and vice versa.

Fixed Hoopa Form - Use Prison Bottle to change its form to Unbound Form, it will revert after 3 days.

Fixed Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus Forms - Use Reveal Glass on them to change them to their forms, use it again and it will revert the process as you like.

Fixed Floette Eternal Flower Form - These form no longer requires Gracidea to change its form, to get this form you simply must catch a Red Flabébé and evolve it, theres a % that it will become Eternal Flower. Note that it can't evolve. 

Added Pichu Spiked-ear - There is a probability to catch these Pichu on the wild and it's the only way to get it, same way as Unown method. Note that it can't evolve. 

Note: For more and better info, check the Pokedex Word file that has been updated.

5- Improved Mystery Gifts:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo30

Now players can receive their mystery gifts. To check them, just open the game click on Mystery Gift Button and then if you are connected to the internet, the game will download the gifts to your game. To receive them, go to Goldenrod Pokemon Bank and talk to the Mystery Gift saleman, then he will give the gifts to you, 1 per talk. There are currently 12 gifts.

6- Battle Points System:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo29

Added Battle Points system to the game. This system works the same way as Coin Case system. To earn battle points, just battle the Frontier Brains in Battle Frontier in Hoenn region, then you can trade this points for prizes.

7- Buena's Password Points:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo28

Added Buena's Password Points system to the game. This system works the same way as Coin Case system. To earn these points, you must battle the trainers in Viridian Trainer house, then you can trade this points for prizes at Goldenrod Radio Tower.

8- Ribbons:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo26

Added 63 unique ribbons to the game. Now players can check their Pokemon Ribbons through the summary screen and earn them from events.
Use the item: Medal Box to check all the games ribbons and how to obtain them.

9- Badges Animations:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo34

When players receives a badge, an animation will be played.

10- Trainer Hill:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo31

Trainer Hill has open for players on Route 111. This facility works similar to Pokemon Trainer Tower in Pummelo Island.

11- New Breeding Mechanics:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo25

Now players can breed special Pokemon that requires incenses. There are a few Pokemon that requires this kinds of items. Here they are: Azurill, Whynaut, Happiny, Bonsly, Budew, Munchlax, Mime Jr., Mantyke and Chingling.

12- New Pokemon:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo33

Added new Pokemon from Alola region. Now players have 807 Pokemon to catch.
The new Pokemon are: Poipole, Naganadel, Stakataka, Blacephalon and Zeraora.

13- Remastered Birthsigns System:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo12

Pokemon Birthsigns has been improved with newer things and this system works with pokemon follower system, like:

Pokemon trainers now have a birthsign, the system will attribute one of them randomly. But it purely cosmetic, it don't give you any buff.
Wild Pokemon have birthsigns.
Some Birthsigns powers can be used in battles or not, the same works for other trainers or wild Pokemons.
Pokemon follower now knows when it is his birthday and special interactions will appears.
Use Pokenav system to check all the remastered birthsigns, its powers and its compatibilities, that can affect battles or not.
Use this buffs as you wish, there are 12 unique birthsigns.
Breeded Pokemon will have birthsigns too.
And other minor additions and supports for other systems.

14- Birthsigns Powers:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo11

Added the Birthsigns Powers accordingly with the month item that the Pokemon are currently holding.
Players can buy this items at Slateport Marketplace.
This items provides buffs during the battle only and according to the holder's current birthsign.
To activate this kind of powers, just press the button that you assigned as "runing" in Controls options. This method is equal to mega activation in battle.
To see the buffs, just check your Pokenav, section: birthsigns.

15- Birthsigns Birthstone Event:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo12

Added the Birthstone event in Route 104, Mt. Moon Square. In the area where you can see 4 Clefairy dancing closely around a rock at nightime, this rock now holds the birthsigns powers. The item there were moved to other spot in the same area, use itemfinder to locate it.

This birthsigns event is permanent at night and it will give or change a birthsign to a Pokemon that has any or changing the current one, this works only one time and its permanent, so think carefully. This magical stone will give a birthsign accordingly with the current month in the game, ex: if the game indicates that the player is in January, then the magical stone will only gives the correspondent birthsign and so on.

You will notice the 2 different birthsigns icons on your Pokemon. The purple one can be changed and the red one not and its permanent.

Added support in Pokemon follower script and minor scripts.

16- More New Game Options:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo24

Added more minor options to the games options menu.

17- Animatios Before Battling:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo35

Added better animations before battling trainers or wild Pokemons.

18- Seasons Checker System:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Summer10

Added a system that checks the seasons. 3 Months per season. When the player loads a save game, the game automatically shows the current season. Note: This seasons match my country - Portugal.

December + January + February = Winter.
March + April + May = Spring.
Jun + July + August = Summer.
September + October + November = Autumn.

19- New Game Ending Credits Scene:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo12

New game ending credits madded by Luka S. J. All colaborators are mentioned in this credits and i thank you all for the help and stuff you released to the public and for us pokemon fans.

They are been organized by sections:
1st for Pokémon Chronicles project.
2nd for Pokemon Essentials Team and creators.
3rd for Rpg maker XP Team and creators.
4th for Nintendo and Game Freak.

20- Fame Checker System:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Fame_c12

Added the fame checker item and system to the game. Fame checker is a key item, it records miscellaneous information about famous people in the game. To complete the "pages", you must discovered pieces of information about them around the world, by just talking to people, newspapers, signs and etc. Graphics madded by me and the script by bo4p5687.

21- Help System:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo13

Added the Adventure Rules book at the beginning of the game. This system works like an in-game help system for those who never played Pokémon and for those who lack info about Pokémon games. Graphics madded by me and the script by bo4p5687.

22- Pokéblock Case:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokebl11

Added the Pokéblock Case key item. With this item, you can store your Pokéblocks by color and lv and you can feed your Pokémon with it. Graphics madded by me and the script by bo4p5687.

23- Berry Blender:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Berry_11

Added the Berry Blender minigame to make your own Pokéblocks from berries. You can play alone, with one, two, three and four npcs at the same time, like in the official games. To play, players must go to the Pokémon contests houses and then, using the machines there. Graphics madded by me and the script by bo4p5687.

24- Pokénav New Feature:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokena10

Added a new feature to the Pokénav: Condition Option. This option let you check the condition "lvs" of your party Pokémon.

25- Egg Types:

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Pokemo10

Changed egg graphics to match the egg types, which are 15 in total. And changed egg graphics to match the eggs from the anime series, like for example: Togepi, Manaphy, Mudkip and so on. Instead of the same old egg graphic for every Pokémon, this way will make it more easy to recognize the egg type.

0- Other Things:

Fixed - missing trainers in Routes 117 and 123.
Fixed - Pokemon follower bug when Delia heals the players Pokemon.
Fixed - Charmander Quest in Quest Log system.
Fixed - elevator at Pokemon Trainer Tower.
Fixed - overworld shadows.
Fixed - Mega Pokemon icons.
Fixed - all items issues and problems, now all items works perfectly and some of them changed category.
Fixed - Map holes animation, when player falls down.
Fixed - Grass animations.
Fixed - Buena's Password Points events in Goldenrod Radio Tower with a new method.
Fixed - Overworld "expressions" animations for NPCs in events.
Fixed - All Gen. 6 Abilities.
Added - Pokemon Shapes search in Pokedex.
Added - Alola overworld sprites.
Added - Custom Option in Jukebox system, now players can use this system to listem their own musics in the game. Game folder --> Audio folder --> MySongs Folder --> paste your musics.
Added - more PC Wallpapers.
Added - more battle moves animations.
Added - more weather types, like: strong Wind, harsh sun, and others.
Added - Improved Selected Items from the bag, players can select all key items and then when they press select button, it shows an item list for players to choose.
Added - Improved PC Storage Boxes, now player have 31 PC Storage Boxes to store Pokemon.
Added - Improved Player name characters at the beginning of the game.
Added - the player respective faces in texts, for boy and girl.
Added - and fixed all Pokemon wild hold items.
Added - Improved some Pokemon graphics.
Added - Pikachu Cap Forms overworld sprites and other forms.
Added - water reflection on still water tiles.
Added - different wild battles musics by region and for trainers alike.
Added - Exp. All function to Exp. Share.
Added - Updated some graphics in general.
Added - Changed some musics, added new ones etc.
Updated - Pokédex Word file about Alola Pokémon and the new forms.
Development - Preparing the system to receive the PokéRadar system.
And other improved things / repair bugs and errors.

Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 People10

Downloaded all the game parts and now what?

1- Place all parts in the same directory / folder / location.
2- Right click on part 1 and then extract it to from the game's exe.
3- With the game's exe. You can delete the winrar parts. Because you've got what you want, the game's exe.
4- Install the game normally and check the Word files for more information about the game installation.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The players MUST START A NEW GAME. Several systems are being changed or upgraded.

Note: Remember, this project is still under development.

This is a PC fangame not a hack rom.
To download the game, people must be registered in this forum.
The game provides players with Word files with instructions about installation and other usefull things.
Please read carefuly when instaling the game.

People's scripts and other kinds of stuff are credited inside the game in final credits.


Technical Support/Game's Email: pokemonchroniclesrpg@gmail.com

Pokémon Chronicles other site: https://pokemonchroniclesrpg.webnode.pt/

Download Pokémon Chronicles through parts (raw folder without installer and encryption):

Part 1- A new version has been released - version 18.1.

(EMERGENCY UPDATE 14-10-2018) - Fixed a new recent script line error about Pokemon forms.


It's only one part now. The game now requires less disk space, because the "reconverting" thing about the musics.

Última edição por Ricardo PT em Seg Dez 10, 2018 1:26 pm, editado 16 vez(es)
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

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Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Empty Re: Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Sex Jun 01, 2018 6:40 pm

This version will take me more time that i was expected and it needs a fix from the pokemon essentials team to fix an huge problem with the pokemon forms and minor issues.

Due to this and the servers problems, the uplates will come slowly this year until further help from other developers from pokemon essentials and other colaborators.

Sorry for the trouble.
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

Mensagens : 495
PokéPontos : 718
Reputação : 12
Data de inscrição : 23/12/2013
Idade : 32
Localização : Portugal


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Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Empty Re: Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Seg Jul 16, 2018 9:31 pm

Pokemon essentials team started to fix the errors and bugs for this new version of essentials editor used in this new game version.

It will take more time due lack of free time.

In the meantime, i'm recruting freelancers to make sprites for the game.

Sorry for this issue and don't worry, this game will be finished by me anyway.
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

Mensagens : 495
PokéPontos : 718
Reputação : 12
Data de inscrição : 23/12/2013
Idade : 32
Localização : Portugal


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Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Empty Re: Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18

Mensagem por Ricardo PT em Qui Set 13, 2018 2:18 pm

Hello, players.

We are almost fixed the forms issues and final tests to launch v18.

There was some fatal problems with pokemon essentials itself, problems and names that i will not discuss here in my forum.

My forum had some problems too in last months but now all is ok to continue with the game project and updates. Sorry for all the trouble and worries but i have no control and fault on this kind of situations, please try to understand why i delayed this year updates many times.

Now that i have a very small team, we will try to speed up the next updates for the game. Please don't try to pressure us. We have life too and we only work on the game when we have time, we're not machines or something like that. XD

TIP: V18 will be released in September 2018 or October 2018 first days. It depends on last fixes and final tests.

When you play the v18, you'll see different things for the better.
Ricardo PT
Ricardo PT

Mensagens : 495
PokéPontos : 718
Reputação : 12
Data de inscrição : 23/12/2013
Idade : 32
Localização : Portugal


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Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18 Empty Re: Pokémon Chronicles - Version 18

Mensagem por Conteúdo patrocinado

Conteúdo patrocinado

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